3rdFriday’s 2019 Outdoor Season will take place on Main St. Plaza, N. Division St., and a small portion of W. Market St. Road closures can be expected at 3PM on the Plaza. 


what is 3rd Friday?

3rd Fridays are once monthly art & entertainment street festivals on W. Main Street, in Downtown Salisbury. All along Main Street, from Season’s Best Antiques to Chesapeake East, stores and restaurants are open. 

In the summer months, local artists and crafters set up all along the Plaza, and live music is held. In the winter months, 3rd Friday artists and street vendors no longer set up outdoors, but there is still a variety of special events and activities still take place throughout downtown, from gallery shows to special performances. 


Activities vary each month so be sure to check the line-up each month.

family friendly?

Yes. 3F loves kids, and we often have special activities and areas just for kids. 

We love seeing whole families at 3F, introducing their children both to Art and our beautiful Downtown. 


3rd Friday tries to make sure everyone, of all ages, can find something they are interested in. 

But. Do keep in mind, 3rd Fridays are primarily an Art Event - highlighting artists and creativity -not a Children’s Event.  Live music is playing, and limited amounts of alcohol may be served. Artists are asked to keep art of appropriate and tasteful content, but we generally allow items up to what could be considered PG-13. While this is rare, it could be encountered… so parental discretion is advised.


There are no public restrooms Downtown. Portable Restrooms, including Handicap Accessible units are made available within the event footprint, just off the Plaza.  

sales tax?

Experienced Vendors who attend multiple events, or make frequent sales, should have a valid Traders License, and collect State of Maryland Sales Tax, just as any business operating in the State of Maryland would. 3rd Friday will identify those in this category and ask for copies of both your License and Sales Use and Tax ID.   

Novice Exhibitors, trying their hands at a craft for the first time, exhibiting at 3rd Friday only, or with infrequent sales, can delay their licensing, up to the point, their sales, experience, or activity would require them to get properly licensed. 3rd Friday will keep track of those in this category as well.

For Information on Traders Licenses, Sales Use and Tax IDs, or to determine if you fall into a category that would require  these items, please feel free to contact:

The Clerk of the Wicomico County Circuit Court:         (410)-543-1427  [Dial #4 At Prompt]  Super Nice.... They will answer all of your questions!

where is 3rd Friday?

3rd Fridays are located along W. Main Street, in Downtown Salisbury. All along West Main, from Season’s Best Antiques to Chesapeake East, stores and restaurants are open.

Check out the monthly line-ups for more specific information and road closures.

where is the Plaza?

The Plaza is the one-way, cobblestone portion of W. Main Street, beginning at the N. Division Street intersection.

how do i sign up to be an artist/vendor?

Artists and Vendors must pre-register by emailing a description of what you hope to set-up/sell to

3rd Friday will reply with registriation confirmation and set-up instructions if you meet out Guidelines.  

other participation?

Non-profit organizations, school group and other community interest groups can participate in 3rd Fridays, but must register in advance. 

Please note:  Raffles and the sale / distribution of food items are prohibited. 

To register, email a description of what you hope to set-up to


3rd Fridays are from 5pm – 8pm. 

Special events, art show openings, and bar/restaurant specials may not adhere exactly. They may end early, or carry on far after 3rd Friday is over. So check the monthly line-up for details.


3rd Fridays are Free to the Public to attend.

There is also no charge to set up as an artist, crafter or non-profit group, but advance registration is required. 

handicap accessible?

3rd Friday is handicap accessible, both in parking and physical access. However, based on the spread-out geography of the event, those with limited mobility and special requirements may benefit from familiarizing themselves in advance with the area.


Handicapped Accessible Restrooms are available in the Salisbury University (formerly Gallery Building) and City Center Buildings, and portable units outdoors. Those with concerns are welcome to contact us in advance!


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